The Demon Justin Trudeau Apologizes to the LGBTQ2 Community of Canada

I remember in 2005 when homosexual “marriage” was voted on in the house.  I remember where I was sitting when a majority of the Members of Parliament spat in God’s face and profaned the holy institution and marriage.  However, when it was over I said to myself: At least it’s over now.  We don’t have to deal with this garbage again.  We can move on.

Was I ever naïve.  Canada was the third country to legalize this abomination.  Did things simply end after this vote?  Twelve years later, we can see that they haven’t.  No one thought about promoting transgender rights in 2005 or even 2010.  It’s become worse over the last 12 years and in the next 12 years things will only continue to descend into utter darkness.  Calvinist theologian James White likes to say: They don’t want equal rights, they want uber rights.  He’s pretty much bang on.  It will only get far worse.  Read Romans 1 if you don’t believe me.

Canadian taxpayers now have to dish out $145 million dollars worth of reparations to those who have suffered the “gay purge”.  In other words, they were fired from government jobs because of their sexuality.  I shouldn’t be surprised by this.  After all, this is the same Prime Minister who committed treason by giving $10 million dollars to the terrorist Omar Khadr.  At the end of his speech, everyone stood up and clapped for quite a long time.  Those elected officials have betrayed the people.  They have a duty to uphold as elected officials and supporting this demon with this apology is disgusting.  Members of all parties stood up for this.

I remember when I was in University.  More than anything, I wanted to start a political career.  I was reading up on contemporary political literature, going to every political event that I could, meeting every politician that I could, volunteering for political campaigns and hoping that these men would remember my name for some time in the future when I wanted to run for office.  It came to an abrupt end when one day I realized how fake politicians are.  Also, the idea of being in a situation where I’m forced to compromise my faith in a way like this is horrifying.  Every Member of Parliament who stood and clapped for this speech has told almighty God that His law doesn’t matter.

If one is a believer in Jesus Christ, how can one be a politician in the Western World these days?  In 2005 homosexual “marriage” passed by a vote of 158 – 133.  A close vote.  Regardless, in those days, it was not unacceptable to be a public figure and deny this abomination.  Twelve years later, everyone in the House of Commons gave a standing ovation to a man who openly supports some of the deadliest sins.  Twelve years is all it took, but like I said, don’t expect it to stop.  It’ll only get worse.  Until our nation repents, things will only continue to rapidly decline.

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5 thoughts on “The Demon Justin Trudeau Apologizes to the LGBTQ2 Community of Canada

  1. I wonder if one would consider Pinochet and Videla as consummate Catholic politicians. The former banned abortion.

    I would take legalized gay marriage and abortion any day over them.

      • That’s simple. Legislation permitting gay marriage has not caused the murder, torture, suffering, and bitterness that they have caused. I will never ascribe anyone any moral credibility if they callous disregard the living and are complicit in the face of grievous suffering even if they declaim their stances from a position of piety. I esteem benevolence and valor, and I will denounce the wild beasts:

        The soldier and the sailor should esteem valor …. Those who thus appreciate true valor should in their daily intercourse set gentleness first and aim to win the love and esteem of others. If you affect valor and act with violence, the world will in the end detest you and look upon you as wild beasts. Of this you should take heed.

        So have they, as soldiers, esteemed valor? Or they have let their militaries act as wild beasts, as bands of sadistic savages, torturing and murdering people?

        They were never excommunicated and they have been allowed to receive communion. The Church nary said a bad word about them?