Exposing the Noahide Fraud

Who are the Noahides?  Over the last 30 years, there has been this movement among Jewish apologists.  They claim that God does not want everyone to be Jewish, however God apparently wants Gentiles to follow seven laws that were given to Noah.  A plain reading of the Bible shows that these laws weren’t given to Noah, however these laws exist throughout the Old Testament.

Some people like Rabbi Tovia Singer, says that Noahidism is the oldest religion in the world.  This is just as fake as saying the that Islam is the oldest in the world.  Rabbi Singer says the following on his website:

It may be said that the Noachide movement is the oldest religion in the world.

This is true.  It may be said, but it’s a lie.  Where were the Noahides in 500 BC, 100 AD, 700 AD, 1200 AD, 1800 AD?  They didn’t exist simply because this religion didn’t exist.  Noahidism is not the oldest religion in the world but one of the newest.  Scientology is even older than Noahidism.

It’s ironic that Jewish apologists will oppose the hypocrisy and inconsistencies of Christian groups that pretend to be Jewish by wearing skullcaps, prayer shawls and going to churches they call synagogues.  At the same time they don’t have a problem saying Noahidism is the oldest religion in the world.

These are the seven laws that must be followed by non-Jews according to Noahidism:

  • The prohibition of idolatry
  • The prohibition of blasphemy
  • The prohibition of murder
  • The prohibition of theft
  • The prohibition of immoral sexual relations
  • The prohibition of eating the limb of a living animal
  • The commandment to establish courts to enforce the commandments

Christians follow all of these laws though Jewish apologists will say that the Trinity is idolatry, at the same time not being able to prove it from the Hebrew Bible.

The problem with these laws is that they are very minimal.  While these laws need to be followed, they won’t make a society better.  There is no command to love your neighbour.  There is no command to honour your father and your mother.  There is no command to feed the poor.  There is no command to repent of your sins.  There is no command to hate evil.  There is no command to accept the Prophets or the Messiah.  There is no command to preach the message of God to all nations.

Not only is this movement fake, it doesn’t make humanity better in the slightest.  These laws are so incomplete.  Unlike Noahidism, the Catholic faith will make a civilization better.  If Europe had adopted Noahidism instead of Catholicism, no one would be loving their neighbours, feeding the poor, and many other important things.  It would be a very immoral and evil society.

Fortunately this movement has almost no traction or following and going nowhere fast.  Most Jews don’t even know about this movement.  Only a minority of Jews engage in promoting this fraudulent religion.  They know that it doesn’t go back to the days of Noah but the 20th Century.  It’s a lie, a scam, and a fraud.  It’s a tool of Satan to keep people from Christ and his Church.

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2 thoughts on “Exposing the Noahide Fraud

  1. You Christians are getting desperate obviously. Your faith is crumbling while Noahide movement is exploding in the last 10 years, especially in the last three, contrary to all expectations, mostly due to Internet (ban devilish Internet :). It’s true that very few Jews know about Noahides but why should they kniow it anyway? They are following Torah already. There are enough Rabbies who do know it and that’s enough. The time will show where it is heading to. Christianity failed to establish true morality time and again. In The States the rate of young people leaving Christianity is unseen before, inquire for yourself if you don’t trust me. You can’t go on holding people in grip for long preaching hell fire which is completely pagan idea and has nothing to do with The Bible (so called “Old Testament”). Christians are waking up, protestants above all, thanks to you guys. Believing in an idol, god-man or whatever leads nowhere and many people have realised it. There will be many more as time goes by. They need something better than Sunday story preaching and being nice to grannies. No offense pall but I was a student of Christian theology on a Tyndale University (https://www.tyndale.ca/programs/english) for two academic years learning for a preacher in then my Baptist Church. If I weren’t there I would have probably remained Christian for the rest of my life. G-d’s ways are weird indeed. (I know you will not publish this comment but I’ve written it for you not for publishing) Baruh Hashem bro and start reading The Eternal Book for serious. There is no JC in there

    • Hello,

      I find it odd that you didn’t respond to a single point that I made. Yes, a lot of young people leave Christianity in a secular country like America but just as many people who are born Jews leave Judaism. The thing is, most of those who leave become atheists. They don’t go to a religion that is younger than Scientology like you have. I have friends in many religions but none of them have ever even heard of you guys. In a talk by Rabbi Skobac about Noahidism, he mentioned that Noahides are often the only ones in their city. Exploding? I think not.

      Can God become a man. Christians have refuted this from the beginning. In the very pages of the New Testament, then the writings of the early Church Fathers such as St. Justin Martyr, St. Ambrose and many more.

      The fact that Jewish apologists haven’t even tried to deal with the material we’ve presented shows that they aren’t interested in the truth.

      Let me ask you something. The Tanakh asks that we use equal scales in Proverbs 11:1.

      You believe Jesus Christ is not in the Tanakh. Okay. Can you show me using the same standards where the Oral Torah is found in the Tanakh?