Dennis Prager – The last straw

Above is a video of Theodore Shoebat exposing Dennis Prager.  The entire video is 90 minutes long but the first minute involves clips of Dennis Prager in an interview with Dave Rubin.  Watch the first minute to understand the full scope of this post.

Years ago, I used to listen to The Dennis Prager Show every day.  All three hours.  He was the voice of reason.  In addition to that, I had all of his books.  About five years ago, I became a Traditional Catholic and started to depart from some of Prager’s beliefs.  Still, I held him in high regard, but his stock was slowly declining as I was becoming more and more Catholic.

A couple of weeks ago when I saw this video, I knew that I was done with Prager.  That was the last straw.  Dennis Prager finds out that someone is a homosexual and immediately he wants to hear about their “romance”?  That is absolutely disgusting.

His comments on the Bible were ridiculous as well.  Bi-sexuality is the norm?  I noticed that he didn’t quote a passage for that.  I’ve read the Bible through many times and it says nothing like that.  I think these clips are the end of my admiration for Dennis Prager.

I think the reason Dennis Prager and other articulate people on the right attract many Christian believers is that they’re really good at exposing the evil, stupidity, and utter irrationality of the left.  That’s very true.  The left has a complete lack of wisdom.  However, just because you point out a lack of wisdom in one area, doesn’t make one intelligent.  Leftism is a bastion of stupidity after all.

What is dangerous is that people latch on to this exposure of leftism and then conclude that this person is rational and that they should believe everything else that this person says.  That’s exactly what happened to me with Prager.

A Christian cannot hold this position.  A Christian cannot say: “Well, I don’t think the State ought to approve your relationship but tell me how you met!  I want to hear your romance!”  Can you imagine saying that to an adulterer?

This exposure of Dennis Prager by Theodore Shoebat is the last straw.  I’m done with Dennis Prager.  I wash my hands of him.  God has given him a sharp mind but he’s ultimately sold his soul to a dark place.

If you have a Catholic outlook on life, you’ll have to apply that to politics.  Dennis Prager is not Catholic but Jewish.  He even compromises Judaism with these absolutely demonic statements.  I’m done with Dennis Prager.  At least until he repents and starts supporting God’s Law.

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4 thoughts on “Dennis Prager – The last straw

  1. In what you and Shoebat have pointed out –
    Prager’s view is un-Biblical, weird, and seems contradictory, and his statement that “in the Bible, bi-sexuality is the norm” is really, really weird. Prager asking about the gay guy’s romance was shocking.

    But, Shoebat left out the greater context (I watched the full discussion) and Prager is clear that same-sex marriage should not be allowed as calling it marriage (but gay people have the freedom to live together and make contracts, etc.) – they just should not be able to call it marriage. Prager talks about the macro-good for all citizens vs. the micro-good (perceived as good by homosexuals for own selves) for individuals. The left is forcing the micro-“good” onto the macro and destroying civilization.

    Dennis is right that behind it all is the idea to destroy gender, which is destruction of civilization.

    I am very disappointed in the statements he made, just a you are, but I won’t say “I am done with Dennis Prager” or “that’s the last straw”. He is still the best voice of reason in the cultural-political sphere that I have heard on the radio.

    • Hi Ken,

      There is a certain view amongst right wing individuals. That view is that homosexuals can live together, be part of society and all is well, just don’t call it marriage. I don’t agree. A proper Godly State has the right and the duty to repress such abominations.

      Even in Christian countries in medieval Europe, there was homosexuality. I’ll never deny that. However, it was always done behind closed doors and removed from the public view since it causes scandal. If you watch the first episode of Medici Masters of Florence on Netflix you’ll see a good example of how in a proper society, this behaviour is extremely shunned in public but unfortunately happened in private.

      The idea of freedom and living in a John Stuart Mill type society where you can do what you want as long as it doesn’t affect others has failed. It was fine in 1776 when 90% of the people went to Church. In 2017, now that America has lost their faith and few go to Church, freedom and liberty are shown for what they are.

      • We don’t say it is ok or moral or “all is well”. It is still sin.

        But Theodore Shoebat is extreme. His attitude is why the Homosexuals and the whole leftism agenda is seeking to take revenge on us who still believe it is sin and immoral and that there is no such thing as “same sex marriage”. They are seeking vengeance.

        It was fine in 1776 when 90% of the people went to Church. In 2017, now that America has lost their faith and few go to Church, freedom and liberty are shown for what they are.

        True; that is why evangelism and conversion and the gospel is more important than political power and forcing society to be Christian.

        • I know that you don’t believe all is well. You do believe it’s a sin. I do believe that Prager has this cavalier attitude though. He once criticized Rabbi Shmuley Boteach for being soft on homosexuality, though that’s exactly what he is. Prager technically opposes homosexual “marriage” but how are we going to turn the tide in our culture if we have his attitude. On paper he opposes them but in practicality, he’s carrying water for their movement.

          You say that extremists like Shoebat are the reason that the homosexuals are going to war with the Church. I’m going to have to disagree on this. Shoebat and those like him could disappear and they’d still hate the Christian faith. These people are in rebellion against God as Romans 1 testifies and that is why they engage in their filthy acts. Romans 1 is true no matter what Shoebat says. It’s not that they hate Shoebat. They hate Jesus.

          “True; that is why evangelism and conversion and the gospel is more important than political power and forcing society to be Christian.”

          Political power cannot force someone to be Christian. However, it should make laws to uphold the morals of a society based on Christian values. Prohibit public immoral acts, teach God’s law, prohibit abominations like homosexuality, divorce, and usury. It should make society a safe place for the Gospel to spread. Neither America nor Canada(I’m Canadian) do that right now. In fact, they do just the opposite.