The False God of Lauren Southern

Today Canadian conservative pundit Lauren Southern posted a video which basically says that Muslims are invading our culture. She said that they have high fertility rates and are threatening our precious Western values which no one is standing up for any longer.  I’m embarrassed to say that when I was her age, I thought in this ridiculous manner as well.

A Brief Bio

I grew up in the northern prairies in Canada where it’s very cold and barren. Both of my parents grew up on farms but I was born in the city. I grew up going to the Catholic Church but it didn’t really mean anything at the time. I found it quite boring but made sure never to miss a Sunday. My schooling was done in French. I even knew the Our Father and the Hail Mary in French before I knew them in English.

Responding to Sam Shamoun, Brittany Gefroh, and

Apparently some Catholics live in South East Saskatchewan.

A little over two weeks ago, I posted a response to Matt Slick on how the Catholic Church has viewed the Apocrypha.  Protestant Apologist Sam Shamoun posted it on his Facebook page and asked how his followers would respond to the three questions that I posed to Matt Slick.

The Christian says that Muhammad is not in the Bible. The Jew says Jesus is not in the OT. Are these even claims?

Isaiah 53 from the Isaiah scroll found in the Qumran cave. The scroll is 100 years older than Jesus and it is the Greatest Prophecy fulfilled in human history.

Because of Surah 7:157, Muslims are forced to find Muhammad in the Torah and the Gospels.  I hate to spoil it for my readers but let me confidently tell you the he’s nowhere to be found in either of those texts.  I personally think deep down that most Muslims know this but only the apologists try to fit this square peg into a round hole.

Where are the Islamic Christians?

Irenaeus of Lyons – An Early follower of Christ who was definitely not a Muslim

My greatest critique of Islam is that it is an ahistorical religion.  Their key text, the Quran, re-writes religious and secular history.  As a Christian, when I dialogue with a Muslim, I focus on the character of Christ.  According to the Quran, the earthly disciples of Christ were Muslims.  In Surah 5:111 we read:

Refuting Matt Slick on the Historicity of the Canon

My non-Catholic Russian Bible containing the book of Sirach

Matt Slick is an extremely anti-Catholic polemicist.  He claims to know a lot but whenever he debates a Catholic apologist he comes up short.  This was the case with Mark Bonocore and Robert Sungenis.  He claims that he’s studied what Catholics believe for years but I just don’t see that with his knowledge of Catholic theology and Church history.

The Bible, Higher Criticism, and Islamic Apologetics

Islamic Apologist – Shabir Ally

How does an Islamic Apologist view the Bible?  Well, they’ll say its been corrupted, but how much truth remains?  If you quote Paul to an Islamic apologist, they’ll just dismiss it as Paul.  However, if you quote Jesus to them, they’ll question whether it’s original to the real Jesus.  If you quote John, they’ll simply say it’s late and unreliable.  However, if you quote Mark against Islam, that doesn’t hold water either.  Islamic apologist Shabir Ally simply says that Paul wrote before Mark and this theology influenced the Gospel writer.  This would hold truth for the other Gospels as well.  At the same time, people like Ally and others will quote the Gospels to try and prove Islam.  The Bible is good enough to prove Islam but not good enough to falsify it.

Benedict XVI: Last Testament in his own words with Peter Seewald

A Review

Do we ever live in interesting times.  We have two men walking around in the white cassock.  One refers to himself as the Pope, the other as Pope Emeritus.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has recently published his last book entitled: Benedict XVI: Last Testament in his own words with Peter Seewald.  The whole book is an interview with Peter Seewald.  He’s published a few of these Peter Seewald interview books in the past, but this one will be his last book of any kind.  The only thing that he will write going forward is his Sunday sermons which probably won’t be published.  He states this in the first few pages of the book.

Tovia Singer Speaks Some Truth

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’ve critiqued Rabbi Tovia Singer in the past.  A search on this blog will bring up some posts about him.  On Rabbi Singer’s website, he has an article called Why do Christians Become Enraged When Fellow Parishioners Choose to be Chosen?  He brings up something interesting in this article.  He writes:

James White vs Trent Horn

Who Won?

On January 18, 2017, two top notch apologists debated the subject of “Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?” The debaters were Catholic apologist Trent Horn and Calvinist apologist James White.  James White has had numerous debates with Catholic apologists and rarely loses against them.  With the exception of Robert Sungenis, I would say that no Catholic has won over half of their debates against him.  He’s good, I’ll say that much.