Who is the Greatest Enemy of our Civilization?

The Pharisees

Who exactly is the greatest danger to our civilization?  It’s probably not who you think.  When I ask most people, I hear a large amount of answers.  These answers include Muslims, Jews, Freemasons, bankers, injury lawyers, homosexual activists, people who make and distribute porn, and many others.  Let’s call them the usual suspects for brevity.

Who is the greatest enemy of our civilization?  It’s people that call themselves Christian but don’t act like that in their day to day life.  According to a 2011 survey, 67.3% of the country claims to be some type of Christian.  Those who claim to be Catholic make up 38.7% out of this 67.3%.  Well there you have it.  Two thirds of my country professes to be Christian.  All will be well, right?  The answer is no.  Probably only a tenth of these people care about their faith in everyday lives.  The others will go to Church occasionally, if at all, many of them agree with homosexual “marriage” and other abominations, and quite a few know nothing about the faith.  They couldn’t name their favourite Popes, Saints, or Bible Verses.  Most don’t even pray.  This is sickening.

At what point in the Scriptures does Jesus Christ express the most anger?  It is when he attacks the Pharisees in Matthew 23 for ruining the religion of God.  Throughout his ministry he had much interaction with Roman pagans but didn’t have this kind of language for them.  At what point in the Scriptures does St. Paul express the most anger?  It is when the Church members in Galatia were spreading false belief.  He declares those who follow and preach their false gospel to be anathema.  Similar things can be said about the Old Testament.  For example, God criticizes the Israelites for the first 24 Chapters of Ezekiel and only criticizes the Gentile nations for a few chapters.

Why do I criticize those who claim to be Christian more than the usual suspects?  Because I don’t expect anything from the usual suspects.  They’re going to promote their evil and because of weak believers they will succeed.  The only way to stop them is with a firm faith.

What can we do to help those who proclaim to be Christian but don’t do anything to help and promote the faith.  Obviously we need to be charitable but firm at the same time.  We could maybe invite them to church, suggest a spiritual book, give them an icon of Christ, Mary, or the Saints, pray with them or many other things.  We could also encourage them to study Scripture.

If these remaining people who claim to be Christian become mobilized then the Kingship of Christ can be re-established in our country.  I encourage all other believers in other countries with a supposed Christian majority to help these believers become active and unashamed in their faith.  When this happens, the usual suspects will have opposition that they never had before and will have a tough time spreading their evil ideologies.  We all have to do our part.  Make it your goal to help mobilize at least one lapsed person in the next couple of months.

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3 thoughts on “Who is the Greatest Enemy of our Civilization?

  1. I was against your article at the start, and then firmly in favour of what you had to say by the end. That was a worthwhile read and food for thought. The usual suspects would not be able to resist if we were more active and certain in our faith.

    • Thank you Patrick!

      Yes, it is true. The only power the usual suspects have over us is the power that we give them by our lack of faith.

      Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Hitler, Stalin, tom cruise, maher, Martin Luther… list goes on.

    Who hurts the Church the most? the ones that were once inside.