Western Converts to Islam

Hamza Tzortis – A Western Convert to Islam

Historically the West has always been firmly opposed to Islam.  This is because of the strong Christian Tradition of the West.  Unfortunately, the strength of the faith in the West is a mere shadow of its former self.  I’ve never met a Western convert to Islam before but there are Western converts.  Having reflected on the arguments for Islam and Christianity, I find the arguments for Islam to be overall very weak.  The Islamic sources show a very poor understanding of the two religions that it’s trying to usurp.

What would attract a Westerner to convert?  I’m talking about a real conversion here, not someone going through a ceremony to please the parents of their new spouse.  I’m talking about a true conversion of conviction.  I think that Islam is attractive to Western converts because it shows strength.  Islam in the eyes of the West looks strong and purposeful.

In looking at this, I can’t applaud Islam but I have to criticize the Church.  Christians have become such cowards in the face of secular culture.  It’s very depressing when social issues come up because we always hear that it’s not up to us to judge.  In the next breath these liberals will be judging someone else and think nothing of it.  Where is the courage?

The two sources for the Christian faith are Scripture and Tradition.  Anyone who is firmly grounded in both of these will have a strong faith.  It’ll be a faith with conviction.

Today many self professed Christians are reading garbage like Joel Osteen and trash by Fr. James Martin.  This has nothing to do with Scripture and Tradition.  The writings of the era from 1000-1300 AD are what we need to read.

The West has no purpose either.  When a youth embraces a zealous form of Islam, he has a purpose.  He needs to engage in Dawah and show that Islam is the true faith.  He can tell Westerners that Islam is the answer to all the woes of the West and I think that even most secularists will admit that the West is in trouble.

He can also outwardly show his faith in several ways.  He can grow his beard and dress in Islamic garb.  This can be very satisfying because it gives them the feeling of opposing the decadent West.

Ultimately, the strong look of Islam would not be apparent if the Church was strong.  As someone who has studied Church history, I marvel at the strength of the Christian faith over it’s 2,000 year history.  It’s been firm, strong, and uncompromising in Truth.  It has had down times.  In the year 1000 AD the Church was a mess.  Western Europe was a mess, the Pope just sat in Rome as the Bishop and wasn’t really fulfilling his role as leader.  The Priesthood was in shambles, and extremely disorganized.  Many other problems were present but God showed His love for the Christian faith by giving the Church the reformed Popes.  Popes like Leo IX, Alexander II, and most of all Gregory VII.

Right now the Church is in need of a new set of reform Popes.  Popes that will firmly restore the Christian faith to its proper place in society and the world.  Once this happens, Islam won’t look that strong in the eyes of the West.  We all need to pray for a swift arrival of these Popes.

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2 thoughts on “Western Converts to Islam

  1. From my point of view one of the most depressing things of modern times is how people fail to apply reason and good sense to their view of the world. It amazes and saddens me that educated Westerners can be duped into becoming Muslims.

    It is true that Western Christendom needs a renewal of confidence in our faith. Nevertheless the Papacy could make a start in meeting the great challenges of our age by revising its attitude to Islam which appears to be very conciliatory.

    The Roman Catholic Church states:
    (Catechism 841) The Church’s relationship with the Muslims.
    “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.”

    I note that it mentions Muslims rather than Islam or Mohammedanism. This is a very generous attitude to take, recognising that in every age and in every nation men have sought after God. The catechism does acknowledges the desire of Muslims to know the Divine but quite properly does not recognise the religion of the false prophet Mohammed.

    However in my view the papacy tend to be too diplomatic and accommodating towards a religion that is opposed to Christianity. I know it isn’t easy to strike the right balance but Islam’s foundational scripture denies the very basis of Christianity, namely the Divine nature of Jesus Christ, His death on a cross and His resurrection. Islam goes out of its way to deny Jesus Christ and His Gospel. That being so there is nothing to be gained by dialogue and supposed inter-faith understanding. Islam is based upon lies. The papacy needs to show the courage to confront Islam.

    • Hi Patrick,

      “From my point of view one of the most depressing things of modern times is how people fail to apply reason and good sense to their view of the world. It amazes and saddens me that educated Westerners can be duped into becoming Muslims.”

      You hit the nail on the head. You could not be more correct. Reason is not applied because people in the West don’t know how to think. I learned to think rationally after high school and University because they don’t teach it at all. The Christians who embrace Islam I’ve noticed have long left orthodoxy. In other words, they’ve been snowed by Raymond Brown or Bart Ehrman and are depressed. When they find Islam they can be a conservative again without that same cognitive dissidence that they had. It’s unfortunate that they didn’t encounter good apologetics first.

      I find it really discouraging that the Church produces documents like CCC 841 which is a direct quote from Vatican II. Personally I think it’s an insult to all of the Popes, Saints, and martyrs fought against Islam. Similar things can be said about concessions to Judaism.

      I think that the last three Popes have not been spiritual leaders but politicians. It’s very sad. Until the Papacy is restored to its former glory, every Catholic needs to do their part. Study Scripture and Tradition, pray the rosary, etc.

      You also said:

      “That being so there is nothing to be gained by dialogue and supposed inter-faith understanding.”

      That is 100% correct. It’s so obvious as well and the reason people can’t see it is because they can’t use reason as you’ve pointed out.

      Thanks for commenting and God Bless.