The Truth About Pride Parades

Canada turned 150 years old in July and produced these nasty stamps

Yesterday I was driving to a neighbourhood to meet a couple I know at a board game cafe.  On the sidewalk, I saw three young girls walking together.  They were all carrying rainbow flags.  A little further on, I saw a man dressed as a woman.  Not long after that I saw a clergyman in an alb with a rainbow stole.  I then remembered that it was the day of the local Pride parade.

Canada legalized homosexual “marriage” in 2005, over a decade ago.  Homosexual couples are also able to adopt children.  They have every right that a straight person has.  In the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, I can at least see why homosexuals would want to do these parades but now that Western countries have given them these rights, why do they continue with this, and why are they even bigger than ever?  In 2011, the Muslim mayor of my city was the Marshall of the parade.  It just shows how Christians haven’t been the only victims of Western secularism or depravity.

Also, there has been a change in name.  Years ago they were referred to as “Gay Pride” parades and now it’s simply the Pride parade.  Why is this the case?  Why has the name changed and why are they still taking place?  This is simply because homosexual rights have been won and they’re moving on to more depraved things such as transgenderism.  Don’t think it’ll stop there either.

The truth is that these parades are now used to win over the culture.  They are used to water down morality and corrupt the youth such as those three young impressionable girls that I saw with the rainbow flags.

Christianity always stood against this sexual immorality.  The real purpose of the Pride parades now is to make the whole culture give in and to make the Church submit.  They have most of the culture here in the West but the Churches haven’t collapsed.  Of course, every day that goes by makes it tougher and tougher to hold on to the traditional definition of marriage.  It’s getting harder and harder to live in Western society with traditional views, let alone being vocal about them.

One thing is for certain, this changing society will at least expose the difference between Christians who want to hang on to what Christ said about marriage in Matthew 19 and “Christians” who are more than happy to sprinkle some incense to a statue of Caesar.

In my last post I mentioned the Nashville Statement, in where a bunch of Evangelicals came out with a statement affirming marriage.  Many Evangelicals read this blog and even comment on it.  While we can disagree on theology, we can at least agree that Christ affirmed marriage in Matthew 19.  I support my evangelical friends for that same reason I hope they support Catholicism’s battle on this issue.  If one of us collapses, the weaker ones in the other group will use it as an excuse as to why their church should collapse.  I support the Nashville Statement and every Evangelical fighting for traditional marriage.  It isn’t an easy battle but someone has to fight it.

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