The Nashville Statement and “Christian” Liberals

King Henry VIII – Founder of the Anglican Religion

A couple of days ago, a declaration came out entitled the Nashville Statement.  This statement reaffirms Christ’s teaching on marriage and condemns homosexual relationships.  It is an Evangelical document and is signed by many prominent Evangelicals including John McArthur, John Piper, Albert Mohler and many others.  While I’m a committed Catholic and not Evangelical, I agree with everything in this document.

When the document first came out, I was a bit confused.  Doesn’t everyone know that Evangelicalism opposes homosexuality?  The secular left just saw this as Evangelicals being Evangelicals.  Those who were truly offended by this were Evangelical liberals.  They saw this as a declaration of war.  Their reactions were awfully nasty as they interpreted this document as being told by Evangelical leaders that they have no place within their faith.

A while back, I reviewed Rod Dreher’s book The Benedict Option where he encourages believers to form institutions that will outlast this age such as St. Benedict did in the 6th Century.  Those who published the Nashville Statement are trying to purify Evangelicalism and expel the liberals.  This makes perfect sense since these institutions will be hindered by the liberals.

The Catholic apostate to Anglicanism Michael Coren is outraged by this document.  He wrote a vicious article against it which can be read here:

The mean old message of the Christian right

One memorable line of his was:

Layman’s translation: anybody who is even open to discussion of gay equality is no longer a Christian, and that homophobia is now a Christian prerequisite.

This excommunicates most Archbishops of Canterbury, countless Anglicans, numerous Roman Catholic clergy and even bishops, and millions of Christians who consider themselves faithful and devout.

It is nothing less than a declaration of war.

Most Archbishops of Canterbury?  Justin Welby is the 105th Archbishop of Canturbury.  Maybe him and a couple of his predecessors approved of homosexuality but for well over 90% of Anglicanism’s existence, the Archbishops of Canterbury have opposed homosexuality, to say nothing of the 900 years when this Archdiocese was aligned with the Catholic Church.

Coren also stated:

The Bible does, however, obsess about the need to help the poor, fight for justice, bring peace, and fill every moment with love and charity.

Yes Michael, it does.  If self proclaimed “Christians” were saying that we should oppose this stuff, then there would be a vocal opposition to it.  True believers are engaging in these activities as we speak.  In fact, Michael Coren has written more about homosexuality than any other person who claims to be a “Christian” in all of Canada.  One book and many articles, not to mention speeches and interviews.  Michael Coren is obsessed with homosexuality.  He craves it.  It’s just one of many evidences about how this man has apostatized from the Christian faith.

Jesus Christ promised much to those who followed Him.  He promised us salvation for being his disciples.  Nothing is bigger than that.  What he didn’t promise us was comfort and popularity.  In fact, if you want comfort and popularity, you often have to trade in the salvation that He offers.  I hope it was worth it Michael.

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2 thoughts on “The Nashville Statement and “Christian” Liberals

  1. Very good, Allan. I am very saddened by so much apostasy in so many so called “Evangelical” churches.
    I had a person on twitter incessantly bombarding me with “love, love, love” and that the Nashville statement was ‘trash” and “mean”, etc. I tried to reason with her but eventually had to block her because she just kept repeating Love, Love, Love” (which is not really true love, but a “John Lennon hippy type” version of “love” (accepting anything and everything, without believing in truth or right and wrong).

    Thanks for good article. You are right, Michael Coren is the one who is obsessed with the issue; as are all the others in the whole gay / transgender political agenda.

    • Thanks Ken,

      I know how you feel. It annoys me when people just play the “love” card and you’re correct, it’s not true love. True love is when you tell the homosexual that he can be right with God if he repents of his sins and commits his life to the only one who can save him.

      I know you’re American so I don’t know how popular Michael Coren is down there but he’s really popular in up here in Canada. He says that Christians are hypocritical because we condemn homosexuality which Jesus nnever spoke of but have no problem with divorce. Michael Coren joined a religion that was founded by a multiple times divorced man and then calls us hypocrites. Incredible.

      I heard him on the radio a month or two ago and he was talking about the next book he was going to write. It’s a book about how Christianity has to change to be relevant for the next generation. Judging how the next generation looks, the one thing that will save them is true orthodoxy, not the fake religion promoted by Coren.

      If you want some further reading on this topic, here is my review of his book on homosexuality: