The False God of Lauren Southern

Today Canadian conservative pundit Lauren Southern posted a video which basically says that Muslims are invading our culture. She said that they have high fertility rates and are threatening our precious Western values which no one is standing up for any longer.  I’m embarrassed to say that when I was her age, I thought in this ridiculous manner as well.

When I look at Western civilization, I don’t think the problem is too much Islam and not enough Western values.  The problem is Western values.

Are Muslims responsible for the fact that half of marriages end in divorce?  Are they responsible for the fact that a quarter of pregnancies end in abortion?  Are they responsible for the legalization of homosexual “marriage”?  Are they responsible for the huge decline in Western fertility rates?  Are they responsible for our pathetic education system?  Are they responsible for having Darwinism taught in our schools and passed off as genuine science?  Are they responsible for the feminist movement?  Are they responsible for promoting the fraud of man made global warming?

In case you’re wondering, the answer is no.  We could ship all Muslim immigrants to their former countries and the West would still be in this sorry state.  Why?  Because of the Western values that Lauren Southern so cherishes and thinks we should all stand up for.

About a year ago, I was engaging in “Choice chain” outside of a local high school.  Choice chain is showing large photos of aborted fetuses to those passing by and engaging them in dialogue regarding abortion.  We were at a high school that was 80% immigrant with most of them being of Indian, Pakistani, or Arab background.  The majority of them were pro-life and supported our work.  They told me that their faith was why they were pro-life.  The minority that weren’t pro-life were respectful and engaged us in a pleasant dialogue.  The next week we did choice chain at a high school in another area of town with very little immigrants.  The students were nasty, rude, disrespectful and overwhelmingly pro-choice.

We have problems in the West but these problems are caused by promoting Western values, not by a lack of them.  When the West was Christendom, we didn’t have any of these problems, whether Islamic or not.  At 6:35 of this video, she says:

It’s not only that we don’t try to find a solution to preserve our culture.  That being things like Classical Liberalism, our language, our history, free speech, democracy, but we wilfully ignore that we have a problem at all and condemn people who try to point out that we do.

So the answers that Southern provides are the answers to Islam?  Classical Liberalism won’t stop Islam as it is indifferent to religion.  Freedom of speech let’s them promote their ideology and democracy gives them an equal voice to hers.  I find it hilarious that she brings up history since she ignores the true glory days of the West when the Kingship of Christ was promoted throughout the land.  Language?  I speak three of them – English, French, and Russian.  However, if instead I spoke Portuguese, Finnish, and Arabic, it wouldn’t make a difference because it’s values that matter, not language.

Spain got ride of Islam in the 1400’s and didn’t use any of the values that Lauren Southern promotes.  I’m sure that she’s read history books before.  Why doesn’t she go with what has a proven track record?  Christendom has a proven track record against Islam as opposed to Classical Liberalism and democracy.

What Southern recommends will never solve the problem.  The solution is turning back to Scripture and tradition.  Scripture, tradition, the Kingship of Christ, the rosary and Christendom are the solution to Islam.  Southern doesn’t promote any of these.  She doesn’t promote worship of the one true God because she’s too busy promoting her false God of Western values.  The values that caused this problem in the first place.

I think that it’s time that we in the West realized that democracy and Classical Liberal values have been a monumental failure.  They won’t stop Islam anymore than they’ll stop abortion.  The answer is turning to God and not turning to the failed ideas of man.  Lauren Southern, I hope that you read this post and start promoting what can truly save us here in the West.


It is good to confide in the Lord, rather than to have confidence in man.

– Pslam 118:8

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6 thoughts on “The False God of Lauren Southern

  1. Thanks for the article!
    Not a single reporter in the main stream media or even the alternative sources of news will speak about the social kingship of Christ until some leader from the top of the church will turn the focus towards this solution. The popes of the past commanded all in the Church to pray the rosary before the Battle of Lapanto. The Ottoman empire was repelled and the rest is history…

    St Peter’s in Rome is still the center of Christendom and not a mosque. Though not for long. Not because the muslims have fired a shot, but by out birthing the native population.

    Where is the spiritual leader today who will promote scripture, tradition, rosary crusades and the social kingship of Christ?

    • That is true. Many Christians don’t know where to turn but the answer has always been right in front of us. Because of Scripture, Tradition, the Kingship of Christ, and the rosary, we can have hope. We just need to get more people to believe in them.

  2. I happened to listen to this report as well and it bugged me as well, but I was not able to put my finger on what it was exactly.

    Thank you! I hope she listens to you too. Actually, perhaps you could send her your opinion. She probably has no idea of the things you mention! I would hope that she would appreciate your input.

  3. I do’t believe catholicism is the answer to anything. Christianity is the answer. The two are not the same thing.

    • Hi Amanda,

      I agree, Christianity is the answer. That is why I promote Catholicism on this blog. If that’s not Christianity, please tell me what Christianity is Amanda?