Recommended Reading

In these days, there is a lot of confusion regarding the teachings of Christianity.  Many people have blurred the clear boundaries of the doctrines.  Because of this, confusion reigns.  I have made a list recommended literature to show clear Christian teaching.

Douay Rheims Bible

The Bible is the backbone of the Christian faith.  Every Christian should know this book through and through.  The Douay Rheims is the best translation as it has been approved by the Church for centuries.  Most editions come with commentary from the Fathers of the Church as was traditionally done in most Bibles.

Catechism of the Council of Trent

This Catechism is indispensible for learning what the Church teaches.  The Catechism followed the Council of Trent.  In the first millennium of the Church, they had eight glorious ecumenical councils.  In the second millennium they had many more, but none stands out as much as the Council of Trent.  Trent was in response to a group of doctrinal innovators who emerged in the early 16th Century.  These innovators are sometimes called “reformers”.  The Council was one of the most successful in the history of the Church.  It produced many things including this Catechism.  It covers in great detail the Ten Commandments and the Our Father prayer.

Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma by Ludwig Ott

In this tome, Ott covers the doctrines of the Christian faith.  Essentially it is an encyclopedia of what Church doctrine is.  The doctrines are backed up by references to scripture, tradition, and ecumenical councils.

The Catholic Controversy by St. Francis de Sales

In the late 16th Century this great Saint produced many tracts countering the claims of Calvinists who had occupied the Chablais region of France over the last two generations.  Chablais is the region of France that borders the Calvinist stronghold of Geneva. Over the course of 4 years, St. Francis de Sales was able to use these tracts to convert the entire region back to the Church.  A total of 72,000 souls returned to the fold of the Church.  These tracts were eventually collected into a book which become known as “The Catholic Controversy”.  St. Francis de Sales eventually became Bishop of Geneva.  He engaged in two debates with Theodore de Beze who was the top protestant theologian in the world at the time. Although I only have one book listed here, I fully recommend everything he has written.

Sermons of the Cure of Ars by St. John Vianney

St. John Vianney should be used as a standard for every priest.  After surviving the diabolical revolution in France, he went on to become the priest in a little village named Ars.  Although starting out as an unknown, by the end of his life people came from all over Europe to hear him preach.  Many of these sermons survive today in this book.  They are good medicine for one who is feeling lukewarm in their faith.

Many more could be named but I hope that these recommendations are beneficial.