Adnan Rashid and Psalm 91

Jesus being Tempted by the Devil

One interesting thing about the recent debate with Adnan Rashid and James White was the use of Psalm 91.  A few months ago, Zakir Hussain used this argument against James White in a debate.  Both times, James White didn’t have an answer.  Seeing as how this has been used by more than one apologist, it seems to be a new apologetic tactic.  Unfortunately White didn’t do his homework after the Hussain debate.  The response isn’t a difficult one but it needs to be presented so here it goes.

A Personal Story About Engaging in Debate

Samuel Wilberforce and Thomas Huxley who debated each other on evolution in 1860.

One thing that I’m good at is debating.  It’s probably because I’ve done a lot of reading, have a great memory, and am really good at asking the right questions.  In other words, I can really put my interlocutor on the spot.  In terms of apologetics, this helps, but sometimes debating doesn’t get one anywhere.  If someone loses an argument, it doesn’t mean they’re going to convert to your faith.  It may contribute to it in the long run but it’s a stretch.  It’s hard to get people out of their comfort zone.  It’s a tactic one must use sparingly.

A Catholic in a Non-Catholic Land

The Hagia Sophia
A Christian Church turned into a Mosque by Muslims, turned into a Museum by Masons.

Over Christmas, I thought about many things.  A few days before Christmas, I read an article on Rorate Caeli about a small group of Catholics in Turkey.  These Catholics aren’t Polish immigrants or Italian foreign workers.  They’re Turkish converts from Islam.  What inspired this little group of Turks in Erdogan’s Turkey to reject Islam and Kemalist Secularism?  Playing a large role in their conversion was the Traditional Latin Liturgy.  What an amazing Evangelization tool!  The line from the Turkish Catholic which touched me the most was:

The Alliance Between Islamic and Jewish Apologists

In my critique of Islamic apologetics, I normally point out that the Islamic critique of Christianity is indeed a critique of Christianity but not an Islamic one.  This often includes quoting secular scholars with anti-supernatutal presuppositions for their worldview.  Muslim apologists seem to ignore the fact that these same scholars would laugh at the Islamic view of the Quran, Jesus, and Muhammad.

Is Muhammad the Prophet Like Moses? Where Was He From?

A closer look at Deuteronomy 18


Deuteronomy is the final book in the Torah.  It is the last set of instructions given to the Israelites before their military conquest of the holy land.  God commanded the Israelites to invade the land and displace the inhabitants and set it up as their home and to follow His customs and laws.  This happens in the book of Joshua.

History, Journalism, and Eusebius

Eusebius of Caesarea

Over the Christmas break, I was up north in my hometown visiting family.  I was talking with my mom about history and the important tools of historiography.  We weren’t talking about Church history, but the history of WWII.  The discussion focused around how bad history from WWII was.  At this point my mom remembered an episode from a history class that she took in University.  The professor had told her class the following: “Since the year 1800, there has been no history, only journalism.”

Expanding the Recommended Reading Section

One of the new books added to the list

When I first started this website back in 2015, I wanted to make a Recommended Reading section.  When I originally made it, I only put a few books on the list and they were very basic.  I’ve learnt a lot more about apologetics dealing with the online community since then.  I now have a better idea about what is important and where focus needs to be put.  I hope that my readers find this helpful.  Here are my recent additions to the list:

St. Thomas Aquinas Was Wrong About Islam

I hope that everyone is having a great 2018.  Recently I’ve been reading many medieval Christian polemics against Islam.  When reading medieval Christian literature, we can’t ignore what St. Thomas Aquinas says.  Sadly, I must admit the Angelic Doctor dropped the ball on this one; at least according to what he wrote in the Summa Contra Gentiles.  This won’t be popular amongst my Traditional Catholic friends but I believe that I have a good argument on this one.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all of my readers from the cold, barren, and frozen Canadian prairies.  I wish you all a blessed 2018 filled with love and prosperity.  The truth is that 2017 was probably the best year of my life for many reasons.  So many good things happened to me and I thank God for them.  Last year at this time, I made a list of things that I wanted to see in the apologetics world.  Naturally 2017 was a big year for apologetics since it was the 500th anniversary of Luther’s so called reformation against the Church.