James White, Sam Shamoun, Keith Thompson, Brannon Howse, Robert Spencer, and the Rest of Them

One critic of White posted a picture of him like this. Was it really necessary? No it wasn’t.

Calvinist apologist James White has responded to my posts twice.  The last time, he spent over an hour responding to a critique that I made of him.  I think that everyone can agree that White and I are not on the same side.  I desperately want to see the man become a Catholic just as much as he wants me to stop being one.  Recently, many of his fellow Calvinists have criticized him on an interfaith dialogue that he had with Islamic apologist Dr. Yasir Qadhi.  I have criticized this dialogue as well.  It came as quite a shock that someone like White would participate in it.  Regardless, he did and he still continues to defend what he did.

At the same time, I will admit that the attacks against White have gone overboard.  This event happened months ago.  It ended with the parting of ways of Sam Shamoun and James White.  Why is this coming up again, months later?  To all the Calvinists who are criticizing White I say the following:

While the dialogue was inappropriate, is that worth attacking him in these vicious ways?  Does it undo all of the dozens of debates that he’s had with leading Islamic apologists?  Does it undo all of the podcasts and articles where he’s responded to Islam?  Does it undo his book that he wrote against Islam?

I’m not a Calvinist so I don’t have a dog in this race, but wouldn’t it be better to confront him in charity and tell him that it was a very big mistake and hurts his credibility?  All of these vicious attacks will only turn him off from the truth.  He might even see the need to defend his position out of pride, even though deep down, he might acknowledge that it was a mistake.

To Sam Shamoun;

Sam, we’ve had our differences.  You have responded to this blog many times and have even come to the defense of Dr. White when I criticized him.  At the same time, I know that we can have good discussions.

Responding to Sam Shamoun, Brittany Gefroh, and justforcatholics.org

On this post we had a long discussion in the comments section regarding the Deuterocanonical books.  It was a good discussion and was done in charity.  I completely agree with you that White made a mistake but don’t you think it would be better to try to help him back to the truth instead of attacking him the way you and others have?  If he realizes the mistake that he made, he could resume his effective career against Islam.


For Sam Shamoun, Keith Thompson, Brannon Howse, and everyone else who has been severely criticizing White, you’re probably wondering why I’m calling on you to take a different approach.

I know that you guys are not Catholic.  Let me say that I think the same way about Calvinism as you guys do about Catholicism.

So why do I care?  I care because Muslim apologists see us all as Christians and they are laughing at us.  What Calvinists do affects Catholics and vice versa.  If a Protestant body in America collapses on homosexual “marriage”, Catholics will look at it and will be more inclined in that direction.  I don’t want you guys to collapse and I’m sure that you’re hoping us Catholics don’t collapse for the same reason.  No one in the West can be seen to be soft on Islam, especially people who call themselves Christian.  White needs to be brought back into the fold.  I believe that it’s in your best interest to extend a hand and invite him back in charity.


Last of all, to James White:

I know that you had good intentions.  Regardless, it was wrong.  Just admit that in hindsight it was not a wise choice and move on with your ministry to Muslims.


I hope that I’ve given a good third-party commentary on this issue.  I invite discussion but please, let us do things in charity.


God Bless,

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7 thoughts on “James White, Sam Shamoun, Keith Thompson, Brannon Howse, Robert Spencer, and the Rest of Them

  1. Well said sir. I am surprised and disappointed that this squabble has gone on so long, it is to the credit of no one and will achieve nothing good if it continues in this vein.

  2. I care because Muslim apologists see us all as Christians and they are laughing at us.

    That is true.

    When the Muslims see Shamoun’s rants and anger and name calling and ad hominem and yelling and behavior, they say, “where is this Holy Spirit you guys talk about?”

    Regardless, it was wrong. Just admit that in hindsight it was not a wise choice and move on with your ministry to Muslims.

    Given the parameters; and history of Dr. White’s ministry and book on the Qur’an; and that it was not a church worship service or prayer meeting, etc. and sound doctrine and the gospel was proclaimed by Dr. White, and the elders of that particular church decided to do that as an outreach; I just don’t see the problem with it.

    No Biblical Christian could be deceived by Qadhi saying that “Isis is not Islamic”, as that is Qadhi’s sincerely stated view. (and Isis issue death fatwas (Islamic jurisprudence decisions and declarations) against him)

    Even if he is doing Taqiyye (disimulation, passive lying, deception); it is better to do evangelism and that kind of dialogue as part of evangelism, and let the FBI and Spencer tell us about the political stuff and bring them to court based on US law.

    Why was the famous “Holy Land Case” not also able to indict CAIR? They were named as “un-indicted co-conspirators” – they found books on training on “civilizational Jihad”, etc.

  3. and when the Muslims see the Brannon Howse and World view Weekend stuff, they say, “See, we were right, every American Christian is far right wing nut (KKK types, rednecks with guns, and others) who supports Israel no matter what and thinks 1948 Israel was fulfillment of prophesy and wants to make war on us like Bush and Blair in Iraq; ” etc.

    I am not saying they are right; but that is the Muslims’ general perception about us.

    The Imams and Muslim leaders keep their people from being willing to talk and listen with those kinds of wrong perceptions.

  4. We Christians need to take a good look at ourselves when we criticise others and be sure that we do it in the right spirit.

    I have expressed my admiration for Dr White many times, and I continue to hold him in esteem but I consider that he was mistaken in what he did with Qadhi (made more notable in contrast with his apparent hostility towards certain Christian denominations). James White has been heading this way for a little while now, but this has sprung from a desire to reach out to Muslim with love. That same spirit (i.e. of desiring good for the other) appears to be missing amongst certain of his critics in their condemnation of him. Quite frankly their attitude is rotten and does no good.

  5. You are correct that Muslims are paying attention to this conflict between professing Christians. As a matter of fact, while I appreciate the thoughtful tone of this article, you misstated that the White/Qadhi dialogue was the cause of division between James White and Sam Shamoun. Actually, Sam’s attacks against James White began in 2016 and without explanation from Sam. If you want the “blow by blow” of Sam’s attacks, please watch this Muslim Apologetics podcast where they very accurately describe and thoughtfully discuss this Shamoun originated conflict and why his living testimony betrays the Christian faith which he professes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bc_zIqEjF8

    It should also be noted that with regard to Howse, Thompson, Flynn and Pinto’s involvement, they all hold to similar eschatological beliefs which I think has affected their discernment on this White/Qadhi dialogue issue. Paul Flynn, newest podcast on Howse’s Worldview Weekend website, has many podcasts about the dangers of the Jesuits, as does Howse & Pinto. (see below) Even more unique tying Pinto, Thompson and Flynn together is their involvement in the New World Order “truther movement”. All three have made NWO conspiracy type films, all of which you can still find on the internet.

    Flynn’s Meggido Radio episode #225 – https://soundcloud.com/megiddo-radio/225-the-new-jesuit-black-pope-what-power-does-he-hold
    Howse & Pinto Worldview Weekend episode http://www.worldviewweekend.com/news/article/brannon-howse-and-chris-pinto-first-jesuit-pope

    • Your observations may be correct, and indeed some of Dr White’s critics may already have been antagonistic towards him, but much of their criticism of the recent “dialogue” is justified in my view.

      What is certainly not justified is the hateful spirit in which they are continuing to attack James White. I think I can understand why they are so wound up by Dr White’s recent dialogue: I think it was that it was more of a monologue in which Islamic falsehoods were left unchallenged. (That it took place in a Christian venue in front of Christians who may not be well-informed about the faith of Muslims made it worse.) Dr White made a similar error with his earlier conversation with Imam Musri: in hoping to reach out to Muslims he has gone too soft on them in my view.

      Allan strikes the right note with his thoughful article, and I wish all parties might consider what he has to say and move on.