Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all of my readers from the cold, barren, and frozen Canadian prairies.  I wish you all a blessed 2018 filled with love and prosperity.  The truth is that 2017 was probably the best year of my life for many reasons.  So many good things happened to me and I thank God for them.  Last year at this time, I made a list of things that I wanted to see in the apologetics world.  Naturally 2017 was a big year for apologetics since it was the 500th anniversary of Luther’s so called reformation against the Church.

However, starting in 2018 I have many goals involving my own apologetics career.  I will share some of them here.

Church History

My plan is to study more Church history.  But don’t I always do that?  Yes, but I can never stop learning.  Church history is the greatest weapon that Christianity has against false religion.  Studying primary sources is the key.  If your religion is not supported by history, then it’s not worth believing in.  Recently I’ve been reading the writings of the early Protestant historian John Foxe.  It’s so sad that his writings have had this much influence and allowed error to persist in England.  So more Church history.  I have some specific areas that I want to focus on but I won’t mention them here.

Scripture Study

I read the Bible every day, both the Old and New Testament.  I traditionally do 15 minutes of each testament per day but I want to up that to 30 minutes.  Also, my study will not be limited to the Christian Scriptures.  I usually only read the Quran an evening or two a week.  I want to increase that to several nights a week as well.  I also want to study other Islamic sources.  So more Bible and Quran in 2018.

Book Reviews

My favourite posts on this website are book reviews.  I love literature, plain and simple.  Obviously my reviews are to do with books relevant to apologetics of which there is no shortage.  My last post was a review of The Islamic Jesus by Mustafa Akyol.  It was an enjoyable read and an enjoyable review to write.  I even sent it to Mr. Akyol and he thanked me and retweeted it on his Twitter.  I love to read and write so expect more of these.  I like movie reviews as well, but not a lot of religious themed movies come out every year so this will be limited.

YouTube Channel

It’s coming folks.  In fact, it might be here very soon, in the early part of the new year.  I think YouTube is a medium that I can use to help others even more.  I just need to get some new equipment so my videos are good quality.  I’m working hard on this.  Soon!


So those are some of my goals.  This might give you an idea of what to expect.  I have other personal goals as well and I plan on accomplishing them.

One more story.  Last night, I had some friends over at my house.  Right after we counted down the New Year, I told all of my friends that we should make a toast to 2018, and that we will make it the best year of our lives.  I encourage all of my readers to do likewise.  Let’s make 2018 the best year of our lives.  God bless all of you and Happy New Year!

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