Dr. Gavin Ashenden, the Church of England, and Equality

Pope Pius X clearly articulated in his Pontificate in the early 1900’s that modernism was the greatest heresy.  He was correct, essentially because modernism is a war on objective truth.  While some religions have been affected more than others, every religion has been effected.  One of the worst is the Church of England.  This has caused Senior Anglican Clergyman Gavin Ashenden to leave this group.

The Church of England is considered an apostate organization even by most Protestants.  In the video Ashenden’s main theme is that Christianity is a choice between revelation and revolution.  Gavin Ashenden is(or was) a High Church Anglican, meaning he’s closer to Catholic tradition than to Protestantism.  His response is not surface level.  He goes after the issue of equality and how it’s not a Christian concept in the slightest.  He talks about this same concept of equality being used to validate homosexual “marriage” in the Church of England.  He then relates this to the issue of idolatry!  This man is one of the most brilliant men I’ve ever listened to.  He sounds like Archbishop Fulton Sheen!  This man gives me hope while looking at the West.  He can think rationally which is extremely rare.  He realizes that equality brings in a kind of relativism and an unwillingness to say that one thing or one value is better than another.  Amazing!

He then talks about how this mentality essentially takes Jesus Christ off His thrown and puts him on an equal footing with other religious figures.  He couldn’t be more correct.  Many in the West claim to be Christian but they essentially believe that believing in Muhammad, the Talmudic Rabbis, or secular philosophers is equally valid in the eyes of God.  Dr. Ashenden articulates this beautifully!  He knows exactly the crisis that is affecting religion and the West.  Equality is the enemy!  Revelation against Revolution.  Man has no right to change what God has decreed.

In the video, he referenced John Henry Newman, the importance of the role of Mary and even Marian apparitions!  Seventeen minutes into the video, he talks about Apostolicae Curae and calls it a powerful critique of where the Church of England went wrong!  Apostolicae curae is a Papal Bull by Pope Leo XIII in the late 19th Century where Anglican orders were declared to be invalid based on the fact that ordination rituals had been changed drastically shortly after the Church of England split from the Catholic Church.  A future convert perhaps?

Where will Dr. Gavin Ashenden go?  Maybe the Eastern Orthodox Church since he’s written about that Church quite a bit on his blog?  Another possibility is the Catholic Church.  He believes in the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The 100th Anniversary of Fatima is coming up in a little over a month.  Either way, Dr. Ashenden knows that Anglicanism is no longer an option for those claiming to be a Christian.  Anglicans need to consider other options.  Dr. Ashenden even talks about rescuing Anglicans who want to remain faithful!

The above video is half an hour.  It’s not a 45 second video about two Jesuit missionaries arguing in the movie Silence like my last post.  This might be the most important video on Youtube today.  I recommend it to everyone reading this post.  This man has an intellect that can only come from God.  Thank you Dr. Ashenden!


Here’s another brilliant video.  I’m definitely going to pay attention to more of what this man says!

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