Anglicanism and History

King Henry VIII – Founder of the Anglican Religion

The year 2017 is the 500th anniversary of what is called the Reformation.  One Church that emerged from the Reformation was the Anglican Church.  Of all the traditional forms of Protestantism, I loathe Anglicanism the most.  I feel this way because the Anglican religion was founded on lies and theft.  

Let No Man Deceive You With Vain Words…or Bogus Statistics

Elijah the Prophet

If you’re a religious conservative living in the anti-Christian West, you’ve probably heard this argument put forward by either secular or “Christian” liberals.  It goes something like this: Did you know X% of Christians/Catholics believe in this or that liberal idea that goes contrary to the Traditional Christian faith.  Yes, polling has become an idol for liberals and apostates.  It reveals their true liberal agenda as well.  They don’t want to destroy Christianity, they want to ruin it and marvel in it’s defeat.  I don’t know about you but I know that true Christianity will exist until the end of time.  Liberals will never be able to defeat it.  After all, who is more powerful: liberals or the Holy Spirit?

A Challenge for Islamic Apologists Regarding Islam Before Muhammad

Dhul Qarnayn – Alexander the Great

Islam is the youngest out of all the major religions in the world, though it claims to be the oldest.  Secular historians equate the founding of Islam with Muhammad.  The Arab who claimed to be a Prophet in the line of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.  According to Islam, the first man who ever lived, Adam, was a Muslim.  Muhammad is simply the last in the line of Islamic Prophets according to the Quran and the Hadith.

Faith and Film

Being an honest religious person means that you can criticize your own side.  Anyone who knows me in my personal life or even solely through this blog knows that I like film.  As a person of faith, I want to admit that faith based films in recent years have been absolutely terrible.  It’s gotten to the point that good faith based films are not even associated with the Christian film industry such as Silence or Hacksaw Ridge.

How Not to Talk to a Muslim

This frustrates me to no end

St. Nicholas of Myra – A Catholic Saint born in modern day Turkey

Recently a relative of mine was in Istanbul, Turkey for vacation.  Despite having a devout Muslim leader, Turkey is known to be a less religious and more liberal Muslim country.  This is especially true of the city of Istanbul which is probably the least religious city in Turkey.  Regardless, we can reasonably say that the people of Istanbul are not Christian.  Despite once being the “New Rome” and holding the second most authoritative bishopric in Christendom after Rome, modern Istanbul is not a Christian city in the least.

Benedict XVI: Last Testament in his own words with Peter Seewald

A Review

Do we ever live in interesting times.  We have two men walking around in the white cassock.  One refers to himself as the Pope, the other as Pope Emeritus.  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI has recently published his last book entitled: Benedict XVI: Last Testament in his own words with Peter Seewald.  The whole book is an interview with Peter Seewald.  He’s published a few of these Peter Seewald interview books in the past, but this one will be his last book of any kind.  The only thing that he will write going forward is his Sunday sermons which probably won’t be published.  He states this in the first few pages of the book.

James White vs Trent Horn

Who Won?

On January 18, 2017, two top notch apologists debated the subject of “Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?” The debaters were Catholic apologist Trent Horn and Calvinist apologist James White.  James White has had numerous debates with Catholic apologists and rarely loses against them.  With the exception of Robert Sungenis, I would say that no Catholic has won over half of their debates against him.  He’s good, I’ll say that much.