St. Paul and the Islamic Christians

St. John of Damascus

Church history is my speciality.  I’ve been studying it in depth for eight years.  One of the greatest rules of doing history is enemy attestation.  We don’t have the surviving writings of many heretical groups but we have Catholic polemics against them and can therefore determine many of their beliefs.

A Terrible Debating Tactic

Above is one of the most one sided debates that I’ve ever seen.  It’s between Robert Spencer and Adnan Rashid about the existence of Muhammad.  I’ve written about this topic before so I won’t elaborate on it here but I want to touch on the terrible tactic used by Rashid.  Although I believe Muhammad existed and am not a fan of the Spencer brand of apologetics to Muslims, I think that Spencer easily won this debate.

Catholicism and DNA

For some reason I’ve had more than one discussion recently involving DNA sequencing and genealogy.  You’re probably familiar with the whole thing where you spit in a capsule, send it to these companies and they tell you where your ancestors were from, supposedly.  There are a lot of people on Youtube who make videos opening their results and they’re shocked because they didn’t know that they were Greek, Russian, Armenian, Jewish, etc.

I Once Was a Dennis Prager Fan

What I found on my old bookshelf back home

I used to be a huge Dennis Prager fan.  I subscribed to his podcast, owned his first five books and listened to any talk of his on YouTube that I could find.  When I became a Traditional Catholic, I looked to only Scripture and Tradition for my guidance and my trust in Prager started to wane.  However, I still regarded him as a “voice of reason” even though he wasn’t as influential toward my worldview as he once was.

Why Didn’t the Reformation Happen in the East?

My icon of St. Nicholas of Myra that I purchased in an Orthodox Monastery in Serbia

Has anyone asked the following question: why didn’t the so called Reformation happen in the East?  Why didn’t it happen in Russia, Serbia, Romania, Greece, Armenia and other Eastern Countries that call themselves Christian.  This is something that I’ve thought about for a long time and I believe that I’ve found the answer.

How Powerful is Islam?

Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror who lived during the days when Islam was very powerful

I have often criticized fellow Christians and conservatives in my country and other Western countries for blaming societal problems on Islam and Muslims.  I have often expressed anger at this because it is in my opinion an abdication of responsibility.  Muslims aren’t the reason that Western countries have homosexual “marriage”, sky high abortion rates, sky high divorce rates, euthanasia, feminism, or Darwinism taught in our schools.

Orwell Would Be Proud of Michael Coren and “Christian” Leftists

To this day, 1984 is one of my favorite works of fiction.  George Orwell certainly knocked it out of the park on this one.  It’s because of having read books like this and studied logic that I know how to see past slippery language. 

Refute any Islamic Misuse of the Bible

The Sacred Scriptures

In recent decades, Muslims have begun using the Bible against Christians.  In my view, this is an unwise move.  It’ll only work providing the Christian does not know their own Bible, especially the NT.  Christians and Muslims do share theology in common such as Jesus being the Messiah and born of a virgin.  Muslims will see this in the Bible and take it as confirmation.  However, on the points that we disagree, some Muslims will take quotes out of the context of the book they’re quoting from and try to prove Islam.  

Thoughts on the Counter-Enlightenment

Count Joseph de Maistre

Happy Sunday!  For many years, I’ve been familiar with the Papal Encyclicals that deal with the corrupt and anti-Christian ideas of the so called Enlightenment.  The Popes of the 19th Century such as Gregory XVI, Pius IX and others condemned Enlightenment ideas such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and representative democracy.