Brittany Pettibone talks with Faith Goldy about Catholicism

Yesterday two young conservative Catholics made a video on the “Spiritual Great Replacement”.  These two Catholics are Brittany Pettibone and Faith Goldy.  I actually met Faith Goldy in December 2014 when she came to Calgary to do a talk at a Catholic event.  She headed a panel discussion with three local Priests.  I’ve never met Brittany Pettibone before though I’m a fan of her book Hatred Day, co-authored with her sister Nicole.

Altering Your Mind to Think Like a Christian

The sunset in my hometown with the Bow River and mountain range in the background.

In Western society, we are brainwashed.  We are taught that good is evil and evil is good.  Over the last three years, I have spent long hours studying and realizing that the post-enlightenment Western world is demonic.  I now oppose modern Western values with all my soul.

Philosophy and Scholasticism

St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas – The Angelic Doctor

If you’ve ever talked to a recent graduate from High School, you’ll realize how intellectually bankrupt our society has become. Our education is completely shot. Pretty much everything that I’ve learned, has come from reading after University. The enemies of God are having a tremendous amount of success promoting evil since the current generation doesn’t know how to think critically.

St. John of Damascus vs The Quran

The Writings of St. John of Damascus

The Writings of St. John of Damascus

One of my favorite Church Fathers to read is St. John of Damascus. He is a saint and one of three dozen Doctors of the Church, which means that his writings are held in very high regard. He was an Arab born in Damascus in 675 and he became a monk in the Mar Saba monastery in the Holy Land. He was ordained a priest in the last years of his life. He is known for his writings on theology and polemics against heretical movements.  St. john is also known for his extensive writings on the Assumption of Mary and is referred to as the Doctor of the Assumption.  He died in 750.

Church History Book Haul


As I often mention, Church history is a subject that is extremely important to a Christian apologist. Many apologists don’t understand its value. They believe that since the Bible is the word of God and Church history is not divine, we should focus wholly or almost wholly on scripture. I agree that scripture is the priority and that is why I try to spend two hours each day studying scripture but Church history is the second most important area to study.

Church Fathers….Which Church Fathers?

Fathers of the Church

Fathers of the Church

People often wonder what Church fathers to read. That’s a very important question since the Church fathers were the ones that formed the faith in the early centuries and fought many heresies. As stated on previous posts, I like focusing on primary sources when I read Church history in contrast to people like Dr. James White. What I’m trying to say is that we need to read the Church fathers.

Two Major Errors In The Quran

The Quran - The Holy Book of the Islamic Faith

The Quran – The Holy Book of the Islamic Faith

The first Islamic document to attack Christianity is not some polemicist in the 7th or 8th Century but the Quran itself. The Quran attacks doctrines such as the Trinity and the Crucifixion of Christ. It attacks Judaism as well.

Pope Francis And Patriarch Kirill Meet In Cuba

Pope Francis And Patriarch Kirill

Pope Francis And Patriarch Kirill

On Friday, Pope Francis met with Patriarch Krill, who is the head of the Russian Orthodox Church and the leader of about half of the world’s Eastern Orthodox members. He certainly holds influence in their church.