How Powerful is Islam?

Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror who lived during the days when Islam was very powerful

I have often criticized fellow Christians and conservatives in my country and other Western countries for blaming societal problems on Islam and Muslims.  I have often expressed anger at this because it is in my opinion an abdication of responsibility.  Muslims aren’t the reason that Western countries have homosexual “marriage”, sky high abortion rates, sky high divorce rates, euthanasia, feminism, or Darwinism taught in our schools.

Judaism vs Zionism…and Donald Trump

Donald Trump has recently announced that America will now recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel.  Also, he has initiated a process where the embassy will be moved to Jerusalem.  This obviously has huge ramifications for the Arab Israeli conflict.  I won’t comment on that here, but I do want to talk about the history of Zionism.

Orwell Would Be Proud of Michael Coren and “Christian” Leftists

To this day, 1984 is one of my favorite works of fiction.  George Orwell certainly knocked it out of the park on this one.  It’s because of having read books like this and studied logic that I know how to see past slippery language. 

The Demon Justin Trudeau Apologizes to the LGBTQ2 Community of Canada

I remember in 2005 when homosexual “marriage” was voted on in the house.  I remember where I was sitting when a majority of the Members of Parliament spat in God’s face and profaned the holy institution and marriage.  However, when it was over I said to myself: At least it’s over now.  We don’t have to deal with this garbage again.  We can move on.

Thoughts on the Counter-Enlightenment

Count Joseph de Maistre

Happy Sunday!  For many years, I’ve been familiar with the Papal Encyclicals that deal with the corrupt and anti-Christian ideas of the so called Enlightenment.  The Popes of the 19th Century such as Gregory XVI, Pius IX and others condemned Enlightenment ideas such as freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and representative democracy.

The Fall of Michael Coren

Michael Coren is the first person to block me on Twitter.  I’ve been a harsh critic of his.  About four years ago, he endorsed homosexual “marriage” and started attending an Anglican Church since they take a more liberal approach to sodomy.  Of course, the Anglicans of old would consider this to be full blown apostasy but rationality seems to go out the window for enemies of Jesus Christ.

Brittany Pettibone talks with Faith Goldy about Catholicism

Yesterday two young conservative Catholics made a video on the “Spiritual Great Replacement”.  These two Catholics are Brittany Pettibone and Faith Goldy.  I actually met Faith Goldy in December 2014 when she came to Calgary to do a talk at a Catholic event.  She headed a panel discussion with three local Priests.  I’ve never met Brittany Pettibone before though I’m a fan of her book Hatred Day, co-authored with her sister Nicole.

The Greatest Enemy of the Christian Faith: Secular Leftism or Islam?

Theodore Herzl – A Secular Leftist

I think that our culture has become intellectually lazy.  It’s easy to listen to Mark Steyn, Douglas Murray, or Lauren Southern and conclude that Muslims are invading our precious Western culture and it will be destroyed if this problem is not dealt with.  Of course, a minority believe that the cause of our woes is secular leftism(or just leftism as the secular is redundant).  As a Christian, I don’t have much interest in preserving the modern Western world.  I am only concerned with the spreading of the Christian faith; the one true religion, outside of which there is no salvation.