Altering Your Mind to Think Like a Christian

The sunset in my hometown with the Bow River and mountain range in the background.

In Western society, we are brainwashed.  We are taught that good is evil and evil is good.  Over the last three years, I have spent long hours studying and realizing that the post-enlightenment Western world is demonic.  I now oppose modern Western values with all my soul.

Dr. Gavin Ashenden, the Church of England, and Equality

Pope Pius X clearly articulated in his Pontificate in the early 1900’s that modernism was the greatest heresy.  He was correct, essentially because modernism is a war on objective truth.  While some religions have been affected more than others, every religion has been effected.  One of the worst is the Church of England.  This has caused Senior Anglican Clergyman Gavin Ashenden to leave this group.

Did Peter know Greek?

Refuting Bart Ehrman


Bart Ehrman has really been helping the enemies of God. He has quite a corpus of material against Christian orthodoxy. Atheists and Muslims are more than eager to purchase his books and accept his conclusions; often uncritically. Sadly, there is nothing that we can do about this except to learn to respond to these criticisms.

Where are the Islamic Christians?

Irenaeus of Lyons – An Early follower of Christ who was definitely not a Muslim

My greatest critique of Islam is that it is an ahistorical religion.  Their key text, the Quran, re-writes religious and secular history.  As a Christian, when I dialogue with a Muslim, I focus on the character of Christ.  According to the Quran, the earthly disciples of Christ were Muslims.  In Surah 5:111 we read:

Refuting Matt Slick on the Historicity of the Canon

My non-Catholic Russian Bible containing the book of Sirach

Matt Slick is an extremely anti-Catholic polemicist.  He claims to know a lot but whenever he debates a Catholic apologist he comes up short.  This was the case with Mark Bonocore and Robert Sungenis.  He claims that he’s studied what Catholics believe for years but I just don’t see that with his knowledge of Catholic theology and Church history.

James White vs Trent Horn

Who Won?

On January 18, 2017, two top notch apologists debated the subject of “Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation?” The debaters were Catholic apologist Trent Horn and Calvinist apologist James White.  James White has had numerous debates with Catholic apologists and rarely loses against them.  With the exception of Robert Sungenis, I would say that no Catholic has won over half of their debates against him.  He’s good, I’ll say that much.

Exposing the Noahide Fraud

Who are the Noahides?  Over the last 30 years, there has been this movement among Jewish apologists.  They claim that God does not want everyone to be Jewish, however God apparently wants Gentiles to follow seven laws that were given to Noah.  A plain reading of the Bible shows that these laws weren’t given to Noah, however these laws exist throughout the Old Testament.

Evaluating the Writings of James White

The Forgotten Trinity by James White

I’ve criticized James White on several occasions.  The most recent criticism was for the modernist ecumenical dialogue where he discussed religious perspectives with Islamic apologist Dr. Yasir Qadhi in a Protestant Church.  Looking beyond this, I actually admire the man for many of his writings.  I’ve probably read a dozen books by the man and some of them are quite good.  Here are the top three James White books that I would recommend to everyone.