Michael Coren and the Gospel of Experience

A lot is going on in our world right now.  This year has been brutal in terms of terrorist attacks.  The two attacks in London yesterday are only the most recent example.  We could also talk about the increasing secularization of Western society which has been plaguing us since the French Revolution, though it seems like recently it’s been put in fast forward.  Many things could be talked about.  However, instead of talking about the problems, I’m going to talk about the solution.

A Challenge for Islamic Apologists Regarding Islam Before Muhammad

Dhul Qarnayn – Alexander the Great

Islam is the youngest out of all the major religions in the world, though it claims to be the oldest.  Secular historians equate the founding of Islam with Muhammad.  The Arab who claimed to be a Prophet in the line of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.  According to Islam, the first man who ever lived, Adam, was a Muslim.  Muhammad is simply the last in the line of Islamic Prophets according to the Quran and the Hadith.

Dr. Gavin Ashenden, the Church of England, and Equality

Pope Pius X clearly articulated in his Pontificate in the early 1900’s that modernism was the greatest heresy.  He was correct, essentially because modernism is a war on objective truth.  While some religions have been affected more than others, every religion has been effected.  One of the worst is the Church of England.  This has caused Senior Anglican Clergyman Gavin Ashenden to leave this group.

The False God of Lauren Southern

Today Canadian conservative pundit Lauren Southern posted a video which basically says that Muslims are invading our culture. She said that they have high fertility rates and are threatening our precious Western values which no one is standing up for any longer.  I’m embarrassed to say that when I was her age, I thought in this ridiculous manner as well.

Where are the Islamic Christians?

Irenaeus of Lyons – An Early follower of Christ who was definitely not a Muslim

My greatest critique of Islam is that it is an ahistorical religion.  Their key text, the Quran, re-writes religious and secular history.  As a Christian, when I dialogue with a Muslim, I focus on the character of Christ.  According to the Quran, the earthly disciples of Christ were Muslims.  In Surah 5:111 we read:

The Islamic Burden

Lepanto – Christendom vs Caliphate

Muslims and Christians both like to look at each others sacred text.  The two faiths share a lot in common.  Both believe in one God, though the nature of God is disputed.  Both believe that God sent many Prophets and revealed sacred texts.  Whether these texts have been corrupted is a matter of dispute.  Both believe that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah and born of the Virgin Mary.  That’s quite a lot in common.  However, when Christians look at the Quran, they look at it very differently than how Muslims look at the Bible.

Doing History and Doing it Right

St. Ignatius of Antioch

As all of my readers on this blog know, I’m a huge fan of Church history. I study Church history because I think it’s a very useful tool when engaging the enemies of God.

Several years ago, when Michael Coren used to be a Christian, he had a scuffle with the anti-Christian, sodomy promoting Rabbi Shmuley Boteach over the issue of Pius XII. All Boteach could do was slander the Pope and then said to Coren: “Read Hitler’s Pope!”