Peter Kreeft Dabbles in Modernism

Catholic Philosopher Peter Kreeft

I recently listened to a podcast from Catholic Answers where Peter Kreeft was a guest.  For those who don’t know, Peter Kreeft is a Catholic convert from Calvinism and one of the greatest Philosophers of our day.  Both Catholics and Protestants read his works and make good use of them.  He is also heavily involved in the pro-life movement and has written books like The Unaborted Socrates.  In other words, we have a lot to thank him for.

Did Peter know Greek?

Refuting Bart Ehrman


Bart Ehrman has really been helping the enemies of God. He has quite a corpus of material against Christian orthodoxy. Atheists and Muslims are more than eager to purchase his books and accept his conclusions; often uncritically. Sadly, there is nothing that we can do about this except to learn to respond to these criticisms.

Philosophy and Scholasticism

St. Thomas Aquinas

St. Thomas Aquinas – The Angelic Doctor

If you’ve ever talked to a recent graduate from High School, you’ll realize how intellectually bankrupt our society has become. Our education is completely shot. Pretty much everything that I’ve learned, has come from reading after University. The enemies of God are having a tremendous amount of success promoting evil since the current generation doesn’t know how to think critically.

Essential Debating Tactics

On A Mission: Lessons From St. Francis de Sales

On A Mission: Lessons From St. Francis de Sales

In being an effective debater you need two things. You need proper debating tactics and you need information. Information comes with time and reading but if you never master the proper debating tactics, it’s almost uselss. The key to debating is not to defeat your opponent but to let your opponent defeat himself. This is done by asking the right questions.

The Day Of The King

Christ The King

Christ The King

What makes a country a Christian Nation? In most Western countries about 80% of people are baptized and traditional Christian holidays are celebrated. December 25 is a day off in most Western countries. Also, if we drive through towns and cities we see Churches everywhere. Are we a Christian nation? The answer is no.

The Faith Of Christopher Hitchens

A Review


During my University years a flurry of atheist books came out. Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and of course Christopher Hitchens came out with polemics against religion. I picked up a copy of God is Not Great and read it through. Hitchens could write really well and he sure could argue. He was not afraid to take any position, no matter how unpopular, even amongst his fellow atheists.

Orlando And The Pharisees

The Pharisees - The Enemies of God

The Pharisees – The Enemies of God

In the days following the mass shooting of homosexuals in Orlando by an Islamic supporter of ISIS, I have some thoughts. It’s quite amusing to look at the angry anti-Christian leftists in the media. They simply don’t know what to do. If this was a fundamentalist Christian who killed these homosexuals, there would be no problem. Since it was a Muslim supporter of ISIS they’ve had problems. The media will fall on its sword for Islam and for homosexuality. The poor leftists are confused. It’s kind of amusing to watch them running in circles like a dog chasing its tail.

The Case For Jesus By Brant Pitre

A Review


These days it’s hard to look at the Religion section in your local bookstore and not see several anti-Christian books by the famous apostate Bart Ehrman. It seems that he’s always got another book coming out attacking the Christian faith. As bad as things seem to be, all is not lost.