Brittany Pettibone talks with Faith Goldy about Catholicism

Yesterday two young conservative Catholics made a video on the “Spiritual Great Replacement”.  These two Catholics are Brittany Pettibone and Faith Goldy.  I actually met Faith Goldy in December 2014 when she came to Calgary to do a talk at a Catholic event.  She headed a panel discussion with three local Priests.  I’ve never met Brittany Pettibone before though I’m a fan of her book Hatred Day, co-authored with her sister Nicole.

In the above discussion, Goldy and Pettibone discuss the “Spiritual Great Replacement” which is essentially the fact that Christianity is rapidly fading in the West and has been for quite some time.  According to Goldy, the two biggest groups who have done the most damage to Christianity in the West are the Muslims and the Cultural Marxists.

First of all, Muslims are a trojan horse in the West.  Everyone on the right likes to blame them for everything.  I’ll firmly say that Islam has played little to no role in the decline of Christianity in the West.  Cultural Marxism aka Leftism has played a huge role.  Faith Goldy is bang on in this regard.  Culture Marxism has succeeded in mainstreaming so much sinful behaviour and enshrining so many depraved ideas.

While Goldy and Pettibone talk for over three quarters of an hour mainly about these two groups, they still haven’t put their hand on the main force that has dimmed Christianity in the West.  The Christian Church.  Yes, Christianity has been utterly feminized and is not playing it’s role as the Church.  This includes the laity, the clergy, the Bishops and even the Pope.

Goldy and Pettibone are devout Catholics who are extremely anti-Islam.  However, the leaders of the Catholic Church never condemn Islam anymore.  Instead the Pope kisses the Quran, prays with imams in a mosque, allows the recitation of the Quran at the Vatican and invites Islamic leaders to interfaith prayer meetings.  I find this to be an abomination.  Our leaders fawn all over Islam like it’s going out of style.  The following is an excerpt from the Council of Florence:

Moreover, we trust that with God’s help another benefit will accrue to the Christian commonwealth; because from this union, once it is established, there is hope that very many from the abominable sect of Mahomet will be converted to the Catholic faith. 

I can’t remember a time when I’ve heard a Bishop say something similar to this.  I’ve heard a handful of Traditional Catholic Priests say things like this but no one else.  If you believe Islam is a problem, then why doesn’t the Church treat Islam like a problem?

As for Cultural Marxism, the Church officials still opposes it.  However, this opposition is with minimal force.  We’re losing the culture war across the Western world.  Every country that has enshrined homosexual “marriage” is either a Catholic or Protestant country.  How can a Catholic country like Ireland have 64% of its citizens vote to profane marriage?  The Church is barely offering any resistance to this abomination in a country that suffered under Penal Laws for centuries to remain Catholic.

At about 11:40 Goldy talks about how people just celebrated the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 theses and says how it’s the biggest tragedy of the Church.  I agree 100% with Goldy.  The only problem is that most Church officials don’t.  This 500th anniversary would have been a great opportunity to re-affirm our past condemnations of Luther but instead the Pope celebrated this event with the Lutheran World Federation.  The only Bishop who I know of that condemned the reformation was Cardinal Mueller when he said that it was not of the Holy Spirit.  Before Goldy brings up Luther she talked about Anglicans and how they should come home.  Unfortunately few in the Church are extending that invitation.  Instead we embarrass ourselves through ecumenical efforts with this institution that was founded by a mass murderer and adulterer who stole excessive amounts of Catholic monastic property.

Probably the biggest problem in our Church that has reduced it’s own effectiveness is the heresy of religious liberty.  This is believed and promoted by over 90% of the Church, both clergy and laity.  If a Catholic promotes religious liberty, they’re saying that Christ has to come off of his throne and sit at the common table with Buddha, Muhammad and all the other religious figures.  Christ is King and God shares his glory with no one.  There was not one condemnation of religious liberty by either Faith Goldy or Brittany Pettibone in this video, yet it has always been condemned by Catholicism.  Until religious liberty is condemned by a majority of both clergy and laity, the Church will keep losing influence in society, no matter what enemies it faces.


This shameful font of indifferentism gives rise to that absurd and erroneous proposition which claims that liberty of conscience must be maintained for everyone. It spreads ruin in sacred and civil affairs, though some repeat over and over again with the greatest impudence that some advantage accrues to religion from it. “But the death of the soul is worse than freedom of error,” as Augustine was wont to say.

– Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos 14, August 15, 1832


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11 thoughts on “Brittany Pettibone talks with Faith Goldy about Catholicism

  1. Wow, great article. Luther and cultural marxism are common allies. Luther was a degenerate too fond of drink and women and cultural marxism consists of libertine morals. Both are enemies of self-denial and taking up one’s cross to follow Christ.

    • Very true. While Luther didn’t believe in Cultural Marxism, the Protestant movement and Sola Scriptura eventually led to this. The ironic thing is that I’ve met some low church Protestants who are starting to realize what a disaster religious liberty is. The truth is the enlightenment and religious liberty came from the reformation. However, Luther believed in neither of these which is ironic.

      I suppose that the enemies of Christ take many different forms. In the NT we have the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the false teachers of Galatia and many others. All of these movements are different but they’re all enemies of our Lord.

  2. Thanks for the review! I listened to that discussion last night. I also wondered about the science fiction book. I judged it based on its cover!

    I wonder if they purposefully did not discuss the issues in the church. They both mentioned going far to their communities to find good homilies or good catholic community.

    • Perhaps it was on purpose but if they’re going to talk about why the Church doesn’t wield the power it did 50 years ago, that’s not a good subject to leave out. I don’t doubt their personal faith. We’re lucky that we have the Church community that we have and it can be hard to find a good community to worship with.

      However, these girls need to study more Catholicism and less right-wing politics and they’ll see the problems in the Church.

  3. Allan if you really want religious conservatism, just abandon the Catholic Church, and follow Daniel Haqiqatjou.

    He probably wouldn’t blanch about those Khalwat laws (meaning close proximity) in Malaysia where unmarried Muslims who are in close physical proximity are liable to arrest. I know a Catholic priest who said that two people dating should not go into each other’s house alone because that is a mortal sin. I think he’d like Khalwat laws.

    The Reformation isn’t so bad. Calvin had a theocracy where there was no religious liberty, and he killed the Unitarian Michael Servetus.

    • Hello Latias,

      I do want religious conservatism but it has to be in the true faith, not following some guy.

      John Calvin promoted false theology and I therefore can’t endorse his theocracy.

      I’m guessing you’re a liberal Muslim?

      • I wouldn’t want to called a “liberal”.

        I would say that I am more of Hume fangirl, and heavily subscribed to his metaethical theory of moral sentimentalism. I am also a fan of Margot Honecker and I consider myself to have been an anti-revisionist (wikipedia that).

        I don’t want to kill apostates. I just want to keep them behind a wall under the aegis of a state that has eradicated homelessness and unemployment (and one that has nuclear weapons or is under someone’s nuclear umbrella). Maybe the ministry for state security could also do some khalwat raids too. Or that would be delegated to some religious police agency. (features a Khalwat raid in Malaysia)

        Hey, it would be nicer than in Israel, where there is also a wall, that wall isn’t condemned by the West.

        My conservative side, however, is more sympathetic to Confucius and Mencius, than Augusto Pinochet and al-Wahhab.

  4. Interesting you say the Church has fallen because it has been feminized. You seem to think that masculine is good and feminine is bad, when both men and women are made in the image and likeness of God.

    I also find your extreme sectarianism interesting. As a Protestant I believe we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Catholics also place a large emphasis on faith, but too much focus is placed on meritorious works. A Roman Catholic must have faith, participate in the sacraments, take the Eucharist, keep the commandments, perform penance, and do indulgences in order to attain, maintain, and regain his salvation as well as reduce the punishment due to him for the sins of which he has already forgiven. I also don’t know how you can believe in transubstantiation.

    Protestantism is 40 percent of all Christians, the fastest growing religion in the developing world, and is set to overtake Catholicism in the coming decades. It is of the Holy Spirit.

    It’s also interesting that you oppose the Enlightenment and religious liberty. I assume that means you oppose worker’s rights, women’s rights, civil liberties, etc. and want to forcibly convert everyone to Catholicism instead of allowing people genuine conviction. Those sentiments are anti-Christian.

    • Hello Seeker,

      First of all, you’ve misrepresented what I’ve said. The parts of the Church that are supposed to be masculine have been feminized. The Church needs both but it’s only getting one in most cases.

      Regarding works, yes, we put a focus on it. We have this crazy idea that Faith without works is dead.

      As for Protestants growing in numbers, I honestly don’t care. Numbers don’t represent truth. In the time of Elijah, only 7,000 Israelites hadn’t bowed the knee to Baal. If numbers represent truth, Elijah should have given up on the true God. How about the Muslims? They have huge numbers and are growing pretty rapidly? Is that of the Holy Ghost? Didn’t think so either.

      “I assume that means you oppose worker’s rights, women’s rights, civil liberties, etc.”

      This is extremely vague. You’ll have to be more specific regarding what rights and liberties you speak of.

      “and want to forcibly convert everyone to Catholicism instead of allowing people genuine conviction.”

      No, it’s forbidden to force someone to convert to Catholicism. However, in a Christian society, error has no rights. Only the Catholic faith enjoys public life and full rights. Other religions are tolerated but they cannot be promoted or have rights in the public square. For example, the Jews in the Papal States. There has been a Jewish community in Rome since before Christ and they still exist today. They weren’t forcibly converted, they just couldn’t promote their faith or attempt to subvert the morality of the Catholic population without consequences.

      “Those sentiments are anti-Christian.”

      According to who? You? I don’t answer to you, sorry.

      God Bless,